The Bob’s Burgers Movie – touted as a “musical comedy-mystery-adventure” – is now Streaming on HBO Max and Hulu. The film captures everything that fans love about the hilarious animated comedy series that was recently released renewed for the 13th season.

In the film, Bob and his chaotic but lovable family prepare for what will hopefully be a busy summer. As luck would have it, a burst water main opens a huge hole in the ground in front of the burger joint of the same name and ruins the Belchers’ plans. As Bob (voiced by H. John Benjamin) and his wife Linda (John Roberts) struggle to keep the business afloat, their children — Louise (Kristen Schaal), Gene (Eugene Mirman), and Tina (Dan Mintz) — take hold of a less traditional approach to helping their parents.

Check out the official trailer here:

Fans who watched the original trailers have likely spotted a slew of familiar supporting characters and callbacks to previous episodes that you can stream on Hulu. I have no doubt that everyone will enjoy the Belchers movie without even having seen a single episode, but it never hurts to refer to Bob’s. Here are a few things to remember and important episodes to watch before watching the film.

Bob’s Burgers 101: Human Flesh

Bob's Burger 8

The trailer shows Bob conversing with one of his burgers (a common occurrence on the show).

YouTube video screenshot by Shelby Brown/CNET

For a crash course on Bob’s Burgers and a taste of just how messy things can get, look no further than the very first episode, human flesh.

The episode syncs almost chronologically with the end of the title sequence. Bob Belcher’s restaurant is about to ‘grand reopening’ this Labor Day weekend when the health inspector shows up and accuses Bob of using human remains in the food. The rumor was started, of course, by Louise, the youngest Belcher. Fun fact: If the original show concept from developer Loren Bouchard had been retained, the beloved Belchers would actually have been cannibals.

The film also features the iconic burger suit that Linda pairs with a bikini. This burger suit, which the family uses for street advertising, makes multiple appearances throughout the season. The film marks the first time we actually see Linda wearing the suit.

The Belchers’ tight finances

Bob's Burger 1

A surprising accident puts the Belcher’s restaurant and livelihood in dire straits.

YouTube video screenshot by Shelby Brown/CNET

For the Belchers, burgers pay the bills, but barely. In the film, Bob and Linda visit First Oceanside Bank, where the manager tells them they have seven days to make their overdue loan payment. This isn’t the first time Bob has run afoul of bankers.

in the Bob Day afternoon (Season 2, Episode 2) Bob attempts to negotiate several delinquent loans with the bank manager, who only pokes fun at his dismal credit history. After Bob leaves in anger, the bank is taken hostage by a robber named Mickey (voiced by SNL alum Bill Hader). When the police make their headquarters at Bob’s restaurant, Bob is tasked with delivering burgers to feed the hostages across the street.

There’s probably an example of the Belchers’ tight finances in almost every episode, but this one is my favorite. This episode also introduces the grumpy and jaded Sergeant Bosco (voiced by Gary Cole), who also appears in the film.

Tina’s obsession with horses and boys

Bob's Burger Movie 2

Tina Belcher loves two things: horses and boys.

YouTube video screenshot by Shelby Brown/CNET

Tina Belcher reminds me of how I was as a teenager – awkward as hell, daydreaming all the time and crazy about boys. Just one of the Boyz 4 now for now (Season 9, Episode 1) shows Tina from her boy-crazy side.

She meets a boy named Damon outside the restaurant and is convinced that he is her soul mate. He’s on his way downtown to audition for their favorite music group Boyz 4 Now, who recently put out a casting call to find a new fourth member. Girls are barred from auditioning, so Tina disguises herself as a boy to infiltrate it and convince Damon that they’re meant to be. The plan quickly spirals out of control when Tina arrives at the convention center, which is full of boys.

Not only does Tina channel her hormone-driven feelings by filling notebook after notebook with “erotic friendship literature,” she also loves horses.

in the The Rider-er (Season 6, Episode 17) Tina finally convinces her parents to send her to horseback riding camp. Unfortunately, she has to leave her imaginary steed, Jericho (voiced by Paul Rudd), behind. Jericho, whom Tina manifests as a full-size real horse, doesn’t take the news well.

Jimmy Jr. and Tina: Lovers Crossed

Bob's Burger 3

Tina is crazy about boys, but she has a special place in her heart for Jimmy Pesto Jr.

YouTube video screenshot by Shelby Brown/CNET

Tina, who loves horses and boys, tends to choose one boy over the others, and that’s Jimmy Pesto Jr. The only problem is that Jimmy Pesto’s father is Jimmy Pesto, Bob’s nemesis and the owner of Jimmy Pesto’s pizzeria.

In the film, Jimmy Jr. appears in several of Tina’s daydreams. He and Tina ride horses – one of which is Jericho – across the beach. When Tina says that removing his jeans makes Jimmy Jr. “more aerodynamic,” he removes his pants mid-gallop.

I won’t spoil how things unfold for Jimmy Jr. and Tina in the film, but their “relationship” timeline is wild to follow. Some of the best episodes to get a feel for this hot and cold duo are My goodness! Taxi, Bob? (Season 1, Episode 6), The burps (Season 2, Episode 1), Two for Tina (Season 3, Episode 17) and Bob actually (Season 7, Episode 9).

Louise’s toys

Bob's Burger 4

Louise’s toys appear in the film – including evil Kuchi Kopi, the misshapen green creature.

YouTube video screenshot by Shelby Brown/CNET

In the film, Louise brainstorms ideas to save the family restaurant from a group of colorful creatures. This ragtag group first appeared in Season 7 Episode 1, Flu Ouise.

As a result, Louise comes home from school with the flu and her parents promptly put her to bed with all her toys. Noticing her favorite toy and night light, Kuchi Kopi, isn’t in the bed, she asks Linda to get it from the bathroom. A comedic series of mishaps results in Kuchi Kopi being damaged and Louise is furious. Vowing never to forgive her family, she falls asleep and has a Wizard of Oz-style fever dream in which all her toys are life-size.

The kids have a band

Bob's Burger 5

The kids and their friends have a band called The Itty Bitty Ditty Committee.

YouTube video screenshot by Shelby Brown/CNET

The trailer features a quick scene of the kids on a stage, decked out in rock star attire in front of a large audience. While Gene and his sisters take center stage, fans will notice well-known schoolmates Darryl (voiced by Aziz Ansari), regular-sized Rudy (voiced by Brian Huskey), and Peter Pescadero. Of course, the children imagine this concert, but the siblings actually have a band.

Bob's Burger 6

Calvin Fishoeder is the city’s eccentric real estate mogul.

YouTube video screenshot by Shelby Brown/CNET

in the The Itty Bitty Ditty Committee (Season 5, Episode 17) Gene plays his keyboard while Louise and Tina accompany him by pushing straws through to-go cup lids. When Gene recruits Rudy, Peter and Darryl into the band, creative differences collide.

Wonder Wharf and the Fishoeder Brothers

The Belcher’s restaurant is near the city’s amusement park, Wonder Wharf (think Santa Monica Pier). To boost business, Bob, Linda and Teddy, a handyman and Bob’s unspoken best friend, run a food truck in front of the park entrance. The trio try to capitalize on Wonder Wharf’s 80th anniversary for their business.

Wonder Wharf is owned by Calvin Fishoeder (voiced by Kevin Kline), the eccentric real estate mogul who owns a number of other locations around town, including Bob’s Restaurant. Calvin and his younger brother Felix Fishoeder (voiced by Zach Galifianakis) play a fairly pivotal role in the film’s plot.

Bob's Burger 7

Felix Fishoeder, Calvin’s younger brother, is usually in an unspoken quest to be his brother’s equal.

YouTube video screenshot by Shelby Brown/CNET

To see the Fishoeder brothers in action, watch the best episodes Kai horse (Part One) and World Wharf 2: The Wharfing (Part Two) at the end of Season 4. Calvin and Felix are also strong in episodes like The Oeder Games (Season 5, Episode 21), The last gingerbread house on the left (Season 7, Episode 7) and brunch squatch (Season 8, Episode 1).

Bonus: The unkempt dead-eyed dog that appears around the trailer’s 1:04 marker is Dizzy Dog, Wonder Wharf’s mascot.

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