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Almost 4 billion years from shortly after the creation of the earth to the present day, the full minions and Despicable Me The film timeline is arguably one of the longest in film history. From the arrival of the Minions themselves in the depths of prehistory to the events of I – Despicable Me 3, the main protagonists of the series have shaped many elements of the story of this imaginary universe. Therefore, it is not entirely easy to understand the main events.

Although the Despicable Me Series originally centered on a contemporary, albeit highly stylized, alternate time period, the franchise has become increasingly ambitious in scope. The introduction to minionsshows, for example, how the eponymous little yellow creatures have shaped the course of villainy since the time of the dinosaurs. This means that each comprehensive timeline has a huge selection of potentially significant events to choose from.


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Although, thanks to the minions Movie, audiences are aware that many notable masters have had the banana-obsessed henchmen over the years, all complete minions and Despicable Me The movie timeline needs to focus on the events of the movies. As a result, the chronology provided here mostly follows what happens on screen. From 3,800,000,000 BC to about 2017, here is the complete one minions and Despicable Me movie timeline.

The minions are created – 3,800,000,000 BC

Minions Evolution

As becomes clear in the minions In the opening credits, the origin story of the Minions begins with the emergence of all life on earth. According to the Montage, Minion-like cells have always been attracted to organisms scarier and more nefarious than themselves, which explains why minions and Despicable Me The movie timeline starts so early. However, the beginnings of the Minions were not always easy. As the minions The film’s introduction makes it clear that many of their attempts to help early bosses, including T. rexes, Egyptian pharaohs, and vampires, often ended in accidentally killing those they were meant to help. It’s this unfortunate habit that leaves them listless and alone when the minions The real story begins.

Scarlet Overkill is born – 1927

scarlet overkill minions

The Minions’ luck seems to change with the arrival of Scarlet Overkill. Although born in 1927, it wasn’t until the late ’60s that her paths really crossed with the Minions and cemented her status as a pivotal figure in the minions and Despicable Me movie timeline. At first, the minions Kevin, Bob and Stuart hope to help Scarlet as loyal servants. However, they unwittingly manage to thwart their plan to steal the British Crown Jewels by clashing with the seminal supervillain. If it weren’t for this unfortunate misunderstanding, the Minions’ story with Gru would likely have been very different.

The Minions meet Gru – 1968

Minions The Rise of Gru

Although their relationship would not be formalized until a little later that minions The end of the film also marks the beginning of the henchmen’s obsession with Despicable Me Star Felonious Gru. After seemingly successfully escaping with the Imperial State Crown, Scarlet is apprehended by a young Gru who freezes her with a homemade ray gun before escaping on a rocket-powered bicycle. This devious display delights the Minions, who immediately accept him as their new boss. This is the beginning of the Minions’ relationship with Gru and leads directly to the events of Minions: The Rise of Gruas well as the original Despicable Me Trilogy.

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Gru plans to become a super villain – 1976

During his successful crown heist at the end of minions In many ways marks the beginning of Gru’s descent into villainy, the journey properly beginning in 1976 with the events depicted in minions: The Rise of Gru. In the film, Gru works with his army of Minions to join the super villain group called the Vicious 6. After a disappointing interview, Gru decides to prove his credentials by stealing the coveted zodiac stone. This in turn leads him to team up with Wild Knuckles, a former Vicious 6 member who teaches him everything he knows about villainy and even helps him get away with the Mona Lisa. In many ways, this is a formative time that defines much of Gru’s character up until the beginning of Despicable Me. It also marks the beginning of his on-going collaboration with Dr. Nefario with the voice of Russell Brand.

Gru adopts the children – 2012

After following a path of villainy for decades, Gru’s decision to adopt Margo, Edith, and Agnes proved to be one of the most consequential for his character development. His rivalry with villain Vector forces him to think outside the box and initially plans to use the girls as a vehicle to gain access to his rival’s hideout. But it’s only after realizing his love for the trio that he’s able to overcome his nemesis and find the inner peace that eluded him before the events of Despicable Me. Had he not decided to adopt the children, Gru would likely have gone down a rogue path and remained unhappy as a result. So he managed to successfully strand Vector on the moon and find a new life with his family.

Lucy Wilde recruits Gru – 2013

Gru and Lucy's wedding in Despicable Me 2.

Second only to Margo, Edith, and Agnes is Gru’s relationship with Anti-Villain League agent Lucy Wilde. Though originally sent to recruit the former supervillain, Lucy and Gru quickly form a bond far beyond anything Gru has experienced before. In fact, it’s the girls who help Gru realize just how important Lucy really is, making it clear that they both yearn for a mother figure and believe the couple will fall in love. Although the relationship is initially purely professional, according to Gru at least, things quickly spiral out of control, eventually leading to their marriage at the end Dispicable Me 2.

Gru and Lucy leave the AVL – c. 2017

The exclusion of Gru and Lucy from the AVL at the beginning I – Despicable Me 3 is the catalyst for one of the few periods of doubt in Gru’s more positive character arc. After leaving the group and struggling to find a new job, the former villain is increasingly tempted to return to his old ways – not least from his brother Dru, who reveals that their father was actually a successful villain himself. That I – Despicable Me 3 Arc is significant, not only because of the civil unrest associated with it, but also because of the fact that many of the Minions left Gru at the end of the film to be with his more unlikable brother. Therefore before the release of Me – Despicable 4the current complete minions and Despicable Me The film timeline represents something of a closing circle, with the future of many of the main characters seeming settled. Time will tell what developments later installments in the franchise will bring.

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