Look, we all know who Dwayne Johnson is. There were a lot of Dwayne Johnson movies at this point.

While he started his long career in WWE and has continued to become a superstar across multiple platforms, from movies to social media, Dwayne Johnson wasn’t that big in the movie business at one point. He’s a huge action star now and has directed several funny films, but there was a time when Johnson was just getting into comedic roles.

One of them happened to be in there the game plan a film that admittedly got bad reviews when it was released, but I always have a very, very A special place in my heart for this Dwayne Johnson-directed film, and for many reasons. Today I’m going to talk about why it’s my guilty pleasure – and why you should watch it.

Dwayne Johnson and Madison Pettis in The Game Plan.

(Photo credit: Buena Vista Pictures)

The chemistry between Dwayne Johnson and Madison Pettis is perfect

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