Netflix’s The Gray Man, starring Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling, is getting mixed reviews on Twitter, with many criticizing the new assassin film.

The gray man, the Netflix film starring Chris Evans, Ryan Gosling and Ana de Armas, received mixed reviews on Twitter in the first round of reactions. The film is based on the book series by Mark Greaney, as The gray man follows a top CIA agent on a global chase after he uncovers dark agency secrets. Controlled by Avengers: Infinity War and endgame Directors Anthony and Joe Russo, the film stars Evans as the villain, a role previously revealed by the Russo brothers and one that has been in the pipeline since 2014 production Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

In the book series of the same name The gray man follows former CIA agent and freelance assassin Court Gentry (Gosling) on ​​a mission across Europe as he tries to protect himself and his family, hunted by Evans’ Lloyd Hansen. There have been attempts to reverse this gray man Novel series turned into a movie, starring James Gray in 2011 and Christopher McQuarrie in 2016. However, those versions fell through and in July 2020 Netflix announced plans to adapt it The gray man under the direction of the Russians. The film will be released on Netflix on July 15.


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Early reactions to The gray man have now started appearing on Twitter and the results have been mixed. Some reviews praise its action sequences and the chemistry between Gosling and Evans as enemies, such as B. Film Critic Courtney Howard. However, comments from entertainment reporters Germain Lussier and Next best picture owner Matt Neglia point out the redundancy of Agent on the Run action films such as John Wick and Impossible Mission, and early signs of a predictable, low-payoff plot. Others criticized the film’s story as obvious and argued The gray man was simply a vehicle for making money from stars. Movie review David Honest criticized the action scenes as boring while Kyle Buchanan even compared the film to an AI-simulated film. Read some reactions below:

As some of these reviews point out, Evans’ villainous side is something that many viewers have long wanted to see. Based on those initial reactions, the appearances of the film’s core trio in Evans, Gosling, and de Armas seem at least entertaining, even if the story isn’t always compelling. The comparison to the Netflix megahit Red notice is interesting and points out that despite its impressive cast, the film’s VFX work might leave something to be desired. However, the audience did not necessarily agree with the critics’ assessments Red notice either and maybe The gray man will resonate better with general audiences when it hits the streaming service.

At first glance, these reactions tease that the The gray man is a star-studded but maybe generic movie with funny but over-the-top action scenes. However, given the pairing of Gosling and Evans in this cat-and-mouse dynamic that seems tactical and exciting, there’s certainly still plenty of anticipation for the film. The gray man will have to fight for a place among the summer action blockbusters, and it will be interesting to see if the depth of the story from the books and the chemistry of the stars is enough to make it more than just another spy thriller.

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