From the premiere of explosives The gray man Trailers let moviegoers know they were in for non-stop, high-octane action as Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling go head-to-head as rivals Lloyd Hansen and Court Gentry, respectively. Of course, Regé-Jean Page didn’t go unnoticed in the trailer either. The chaos in the clip was very different from the torrid romantic scenes between Simon Basett and Daphne Bridgerton Bridgeton, and Page wouldn’t have it any other way. and The gray man The actor recently upped the violence of the Netflix film.

That Bridgeton The alum has gone all out when it comes to action movies as his name continues to float in the James Bond talk. While it may seem like Page doesn’t get his hands dirty in the Evans-Gosling competition, he’s all about the guns, explosions, and stunts that go along with a spy-oriented film. According to We Got This Covered, the British actor has already hyped the Russian-directed film by comparing it to the binding and Jason Bourne film series.

There are no limits to the scope of this film. It’s a global travel adventure, but with spies, explosions, guns, falls from planes – there’s nothing this movie doesn’t have. It’s got that “how’s this guy still on his feet?” factor and it has that suave suits and sophistication Bond factor. It has this hyper-real, hyper-violent Bourne factor. It just smashes everything and makes something tastier thanks to the combination of all those elements.

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