July tends to be one of the more lucrative months of the year for the box office and with that Minions: The Rise of Gru, Thor: Love and Thunderand Where the crayfish sing July 2022 should follow on the horizon.

While May, June and December are great film months in their own right, July is arguably the month for event films, with the 4th in particular being a day for bombastic, independence Day and Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. The month hasn’t always delivered the biggest film of the year as a whole, but that’s almost as often as it doesn’t. The same is true for box office success, which often requires a merging of factors, much like a vacation and a big, fun movie.


10 2021 – Black Widow ($184 million)

Yelena and Natasha hug in Black Widow

Black widow was the first theatrical MCU adventure in over a year after being ditched from 2020. Yet even with fevered Marvel fans itching for another installment, it was the first in the franchise not to gross $200 million domestically since 2015 ant man.

One problem was after I had already seen it Avengers: Endgamethe public knew the ultimate fate of Natasha Romanoff, so a Black widow Solo film felt like too little too late. Despite this, the film was the top-grossing of July 2021 and introduced Florence Pugh’s Yelena Belova, who could perhaps have a more lucrative cinematic future than her predecessor.

9 2020 – The Rent ($1.6 million)

The four main characters stare at the bathtub in The Rental

The COVID-19 pandemic was devastating in ways more severe than the box office hit, but it did it nonetheless, especially in the second half of 2020.

The highest-grossing film of July 2020 was Dave Franco’s solid directorial debut, the horror film The rent, which grossed just over $1.5 million domestically. Starring Franco’s real-life wife Alison Brie, Dan Stevens and Jeremy Allen White from shameless, it’s a well-cast film with a no-nonsense approach. The plot follows four friends who rent a house by the sea, not realizing that it is actually a murder house, and they are next in line.

8th 2019 – The Lion King ($544 million)

Not quite live-action and not quite straight-forward animation, Jon Favreaus The Lion King received mixed reviews from critics, and while its visuals have been praised, there’s little doubt that something has been lost in the translation from hand-drawn animation to computer-generated imagery. However, just like the live action assumes The jungle Book and Beauty and the Beast before, The Lion King was a box office hit.

For example, Mufasa’s death in the original film is a punch in the gut that has resonated with any number of viewers for years. In Favreau’s film, Mufasa is just a CGI creation mixed in with other CGI, and the emotional stakes feel oddly disconnected. Despite this, the film did well both in the United States and overseas, with the former grossing over $500 million while the latter grossed net income The Lion King a whopping $1.2 billion.

7 2018 – Mission: Impossible – Fallout ($220 million)

It’s rare that a franchise grows not only in quality, but also in terms of box office response. Probably only two big action franchises fit this bill: The Fast and the Furious and Impossible Mission.

The first three installments were very good on their own, ironically culminating in the franchise’s nadir. Mission: Impossible II. However, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol breathed new life into the franchise with a domestic balance sheet that surpassed the previous installment by $70 million, even earning sterling ratings in the process. The same applies villain nationthose lower than exceeded Ghost log, but still proved there was life in the franchise. But it was the sixth part of the series, Mission: Impossible – Falloutwho turned out to be the top earner of Ethan Hunt’s adventures with domestic earnings of $220 million, a number worthy of the film’s quality.

6 2017 – Spider-Man: Homecoming ($334 million)

It didn’t reach the amazing heights of Sam Raimi’s original Spiderman or director Jon Watts later Spider-Man: No Way Homebut Spider-Man: Homecoming did very well at the box office, opening at $117 million and grossing $334 million.

homecoming is particularly impressive when balanced against Andrew Garfield’s run as a character. Spider-Man 3 ended Raimi’s run in 2007 before the character was rebooted with just five years later The Incredible Spiderman, which grossed over $200 million domestically but was viewed as more of a disappointment than a success. This branch of the franchise ended in 2014, which means homecomingRebooting came in even less time, but still felt fresh. The inclusion of Robert Downey, Jr. was almost certainly the main factor by the looks of it homecoming not in the mood for reboot number two, but for MCU part number 16.

5 2016 – The Secret Life of Pets ($368 million)

Chloe, Max and Mel look confused in The Secret Life Of Pets (2016)

Although it was an original object, The Secret Life of Pets performed like a great sequel. Several factors contributed to its success. Namely, the inclusion of animals, the casting by Kevin Hart, and the fact that Illumination Entertainment has been on top of success Despicable Me, Dispicable Me 2and minions.

The Secret Life of Pets opened with a modest budget of just $75 million. Furthermore, the film not only lived up to expectations, but ended up grossing over $368 million domestically at the US box office alone, more than doubling when you include its international tally of half a billion .

4 2015 – Minions ($336 million)

The minions 2015

Before Steve Carell’s character was told his backstory Minions: The Rise of Gruhis little yellow helpers documented their origins and even took on Sandra Bullock in the process.

Produced on a modest budget of just $74 million (unusual for such a great film), minions It turned a profit in its opening weekend alone and debuted at $115 million, which could be considered very strong for a spin-off. In addition, it had legs of installments from its core business, as minions ended up raking in just over $336 million at the domestic box office, almost triple its production budget (the multiple that’s widely accepted as the measure by which a film becomes profitable). However how The Fast and the Furious, minions‘ Attractiveness is just as strong overseas as it is in the States, and the split raised a massive $800 million from international territories.

3 2014 – Dawn of the Planet of the Apes ($209 million)

Koba screams and raises a machine gun in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

The audience wasn’t exactly clamoring for another trip to the planet of monkeysbut Planet of the Apes: Prevolution managed to not only prove the franchise had relevance, but also become a zeitgeist conqueror.

The greatest asset in monkeys‘ corner was its stunningly good CGI, enhanced by the amazing work of mo-cap master Andy Serkis. However, Matt Reeves is stunning Dawn of the Planet of the Apes beat it, even going so far as topping $200 million domestically (a huge feat for the modestly popular franchise).

2 2013 Despicable Me 2 ($368 million)

Before the minions got their own film, they had to be introduced. Despicable Me did so and made the little yellow, chattering kiddos a sensation. While the original film proved a box office success in its opening weekend ($56 million on a budget of $69 million), most of the money was made week-in-week, resulting in a final tally of just over $250 domestically led million. However, Dispicable Me 2 kept the budget about the same ($76 million) and earned over $100 million more than its predecessor in the States alone.

Aside from that, Dispicable Me 2 showed that the overseas market can often be the real gold mine. The first film grossed an impressive $291 million in international markets, but the sequel blew this film out of the water at a staggering $600 million.

1 2012 – The Dark Knight Rises ($448 million)

Tom Hardy and Christian Bale in The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

One person’s off-putting actions in Aurora, Colorado dampened audiences’ excitement at having Batman return to the big screen. Nevertheless, the third part of Christopher Nolans The dark knight The trilogy rose to the challenge of its phenomenal predecessor, even if it didn’t have the legs of that superior installment.

The Dark Knight rises opened at $160 million, which was $2 million more than its predecessor (it stands to reason that the domestic balance sheet would have been even higher if it weren’t for the Colorado tragedy), but Rises In contrast, it ultimately only made $448 million domestically KnightThat’s $534 million. Still, it would have been the highest-grossing film of the entire year had it not been for the first major MCU event: The Avengers.

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