As Legendary Pictures teases the 2024 MonsterVerse sequel and Godzilla’s next series begins filming, fans are no doubt wondering where the uniquely oversized cinematic universe plans to go next. With the future of Godzilla and King Kong shrouded in mist, some clues have been dropped. Though fans have begun to piece together the future, a recent novel may more accurately indicate the franchise’s future direction.

In light of some of the comments below, Monarch’s exploration of Hollow Earth appears to be a catalyst for further development of the storyline Godzilla vs Kong. While exactly how this will work is still largely unknown, there have been media outlets that have suggested how such a franchise might move forward with exploring another plane of Earth. Although entirely independent of any of the MonsterVerse franchises, a recent novel by John Scalzi, The Kaiju Conservation Societyhappens to follow a similar storyline and can only set the signposts for what to expect in the next entry in the MonsterVerse

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The MonsterVerse can tackle a radioactive world

Scalzi’s alternate Earth is introduced as the home of a band of radioactive beasts whose main diet is actually radiation. Although portrayed as an ethereal mass rather than the MonsterVerse’s relatively well-defined kaiju, Scalzi’s creatures function in the manner most iterations of Godzilla do. They use radioactivity to operate, which at various times are referred to as living nuclear reactors. Their world is a violent one, with meltdowns being the reason many of the Kaiju die. As one character put it, it is difficult for the human colonizers to reconcile their vision of nuclear weapons with the world they are discovering, where such monumental power and devastating destruction are not just routine but essential to life.

Likewise, the MonsterVerse has established that Godzilla must visit the radioactive Hollow Earth in order to recharge, and Kong’s size is often thought to be a result of the mysterious power. Establishing the role of radioactivity in the world of the MonsterVerse will no doubt be a key goal in the franchise’s evolution, and personally negotiating its life-giving nature among the denizens of the Hollow Earth would allow for character development and complexity, an aspect sorely lacking in most monster films.

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The MonsterVerse could include themes of benevolence and malevolence

Most of Scalzi’s work is about how people are generally good unless they’re massive jerks. Likewise, the MonsterVers relies on the sheer motivation of a few people to do good where many choose to reach for power. In Scalzi’s work, the world of monsters is occupied only by scientists eager to study the events of the world around them. Likewise, many of the MonsterVerse films have revolved around scientists trying to learn and help those around them – monster or otherwise. in the The Kaiju Conservation Societythe problematic factor kicks in with the need for funding, whereupon corrupt politicians and billionaires are allowed access to the other world in exchange for their support.

Likewise, the MonsterVerse has featured government agencies and eco-terrorists whose motives are far from pure. The classic conspiracy will certainly be a major impetus for conflict, and adding the folds of corporate donors who expect to be entertained by the scientists supporting them would be a brilliant expansion on the monstrous world, which already has a number of overpowered corporate entities . In this way, Scalzi’s world provides a blueprint for character motivation and plot without relying on the government’s mustache-twirling military complex.

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Although Scalzi’s That Kaiju Conservation Society is a parody, all science fiction is ultimately based on satire. Given the history of the kaiju, who are portrayed in the MonsterVerse as allegories of human and natural forces, Scalzi’s parody simply takes the satire a step further into a meta-consciousness that the MonsterVerse could benefit from. As the MonsterVerse continues to explore Hollow Earth, Scalzi’s book is definitely a resource that fans should consider when determining where the future of the MonsterVerse might lead.

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