New Black Widow Yelena is a character with deep MCU roots who might have a more interesting story in a solo film than in Thunderbolts.

The MCU is new Black widow Yelena deserves her own solo film ahead of her possible return thunderbolts. Natasha Romanoff’s adoptive sister, Yelena, has quickly become one of the franchise’s most dynamic characters. The earliest Black widow Scenes, she shows her fighting prowess and training, which keeps her focused on her mission. She proceeds to find Natasha after years of not speaking to her. Natasha assumed that Yelena had successfully gotten out of the black widows and lived a normal life. As it turns out, Yelena was a trained killer for years before defecting from the Red Room thanks to a widow who freed her. In a moving arc, she spends her time trying to save as many black widows as possible, eventually with the support of her family.


in the Black widowIn the credits scene, Yelena visits Natasha’s grave only to be confronted by Valentina Allegra de Fontaine, who asks her to kill Clint Barton. Yelena appears next hawk eye, where viewers learn that she faded out trying to save more black widows. On the show, she befriends Kate Bishop and has some hilarious quips that make her a full character who is arguably even more charming than Natasha. She attempts to kill Hawkeye, avenging her sister in her eyes before he explains to her that Natasha’s death was her own choice. In the end, Yelena forces herself to withdraw, which is the last time she is seen in the MCU. Now with A thunderbolts With a movie in the works and Yelena a part of that team in the comics, many believe this will be her next appearance in the franchise.

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Given all that Yelena has been through as a character up to this point and how she has excelled Black widow and hawk eye, she first earned a solo film. It’s also worth noting that Florence Pugh is one of the biggest names in the MCU (which only looks for high-profile projects such as don’t worry darling). It seems a waste not to capitalize on her star power. A solo project with Pugh as Yelena could also create more opportunities to deal with her character’s grief over Natasha’s death and the way their relationship has affected her. This was arguably the most emotionally influential part of hawk eyealthough her story was not the focus of the show.

How a Yelena-led solo film could mend Black Widow’s legacy

Yelena looks in the mirror in Hawkeye

Yelena previously gave her own solo film thunderbolts would also help solidify Natasha’s Black Widow legacy and would aid those who are still unhappy with her death and feel that it was not properly honored Avengers: Endgame. Natasha didn’t even have her own funeral, she only had Hawkeye and Wanda remembering her life. With that in mind, Yelena’s film would not only help advance the broader MCU story by honoring Natasha’s legacy, but also allow Yelena to continue on her own path from there and go in unexpected directions. After choosing not to kill Hawkeye, her whereabouts are unknown, which is a perfect backdrop for her own film.

With that much backstory in a supporting character, Marvel definitely did a lot more with less. While it is likely that Yelena will eventually perform in another ensemble project like thunderboltsshe has more than earned her own Black widow movie first.

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