Action movies wouldn’t be the same without guns. Filmmakers sometimes find it important that their characters’ choice of weapons reflect the style of the world around them. Just like many sci-fi movies favor laser guns over the standard pistols for firing bullets because bullets wouldn’t work as well in different atmospheres. Some films have developed new and interesting weapons rather than sticking to the usual weapon choices.

6 Lightsaber – Star Wars

1977 marked the birth of one of the most successful franchises in film history: Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope. This film transformed science fiction into what we have today. The story of a young Luke Skywalker, played by Mark Hamill, who must work with a starship captain, played by Harrison Ford, to rescue a kidnapped princess from Imperial forces. They become rebellious freedom fighters and fight to restore peace and harmony to the galaxy. The Jedi’s traditional weapon, the lightsaber, is one of the franchise’s most incredible inventions. It is also one of the most iconic movie guns that has inspired many others. The crystal that powers the lightsaber is described as a plasma sword that can cut, burn, and even leave corrosive wounds on an enemy. It connects to the power radiated by the wearer. it is a literal extension of the bearer.


5 The Loud Cricket – Men in Black

The 1997 movie men in black had to create a realistic interplanetary world hidden away from average everyday life. It’s a story that follows an overzealous police officer who is recruited into a secret government agency in charge of policing interplanetary visitors to Earth. Assuming his new identity as Agent J, played by Will Smith, he and his partner Agent K, played by Tommy Lee Jones, must battle an evil alien cockroach for an important jewel before an intergalactic war begins. The filmmakers had to create different alien races and the weapons that could subdue them. Many of them were oversized and intimidating; However, Agent J’s first issued weapon was the opposite. Dubbed the Noisy Cricket, the weapon is tiny and resembles a squirt gun that can’t take out a fly. In use, however, the weapon showed its worth by firing off a blast so powerful that the recoil sent Agent J flying backwards. The Noisy Cricket was the best of both worlds: comedic gold and a powerhouse weapon.

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4 Chainsaw Hand – Evil Dead II

After fighting demons in the evil Deadthe sequel from 1987, Evil Dead 2: Dead Before Dawn, follows Ash Williams, played by Bruce Campbell, as he takes his girlfriend to a secluded cabin for a romantic getaway. The vacation takes a turn for the worse when a tape is found containing readings from a demonic book. After hearing the tape, Ash’s girlfriend is possessed and he cannot escape the surrounding woods.

While evil Dead franchise known for not taking itself too seriously, the chainsaw hand was a whole new combination of weapons. After slicing off his own hand with a chainsaw to save him from being possessed, Ash figured out how to adapt the chainsaw to his stump. Being able to sever his own arm was an impressive feat, but then using the same chainsaw to replace the lost limb was a clever improvisation that proved to be a fan favorite weapon.

3 Identity Disc – Tron

The 1982 movie Tron, and the sequel, was a unique storytelling world. Follow the story of computer engineer Kevin Flynn, played by Jeff Bridges, as he works on a groundbreaking computer system. An evil manager hacks the system and steals Flynn’s work. While trying to stop the hack, Flynn is accidentally transported to the computerized world. He must fight to stop the evil Master Control Program that the hacker created to suppress the humanoid programs.

Although the metal dog tags are rigid, they function much like a chakram, moving in a stream of light as it slices through the air. They work well as a long-range weapon; However, the identity mark is more than a weapon. It’s a hard drive that contains everything that is a program. Everything the programs or users see, hear or experience is stored on the disc. Fighting with literally everything they were, the characters of the Tron universe took this weapon to risky new heights.

2 Guitar case Gun – Desperado

The 1995 film directed by Robert Rodriguez Desperate is the sequel to 1993 El Mariachi. It’s the story of a traveling musician who follows the ruthless trail of a sinister drug lord. With the help of his friends and a bookstore owner, played by Salma Hayek, the musician begins taking down the drug lord’s army and prepares for an action-packed showdown. While the first film showed El Mariachi using his guitar case to store a large amount of guns, Desperado took the case to a new level. The hero team housed machine guns in the guitar cases with a quick trigger for easy accessibility. Then they also hid a rocket launcher through the case and could fire it right through the top. This was a very unexpected way of showing a gun and it made the film memorable and entertaining.

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1 Monster Long Sword – Monster Hunter

The movie 2020 monster hunter follows a team of soldiers led by their captain, played by Milla Jovovich, as they journey to a new world. The giant creatures of the world threaten their lives, so they must team up with a local hunter if they want to make it back to their own world alive. All of the details in the film followed the original video game concepts so well that fans are actually wanting a sequel. The long sword used by the hunter throughout the film was a realistic take on the video game’s version.

Attention was paid to the detail of the fang and bone in the blade, as well as the second handle above the hilt. The weapon itself was incredible for the power it contained, being made from the bones of giant elemental monsters. In the movie it is shown to even contain some elemental power in a strong charge attack. This weapon was creative in its real-world creation and faithful in its interpretation of the game concept.

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