Here are the top ten movies and TV shows on Netflix
in the United States for July 15, 2022. Each day I will be updating this list and observing the trends as it changes from day to day, week to week.

July 15: Top 10 Movies on Netflix

  1. The Sea Creature
  2. 12 Strong
  3. singing 2
  4. The girl in the picture
  6. mean girls
  7. The man from Toronto
  8. Barefoot
  9. Searched
  10. The Dark Knight rises

The Sea Creature has now secured its third consecutive day at number one on the Netflix movie charts. While the animated film’s start on the US charts has been sluggish – it landed at number three on Saturday and number two on Monday and Tuesday –The Sea Creature had a much stronger presence abroad. Last week it was number 1 on the worldwide charts. And now it seems to be catching up in the United States.

In the meantime, The girl in the picture– the film that was at number 1 during this time The Sea Creature‘s slow start – has dropped to fourth place. This is by far the worst ranking so far as it now sits at the bottom 12 Strong and singing 2. While true crime documentaries usually do well on Netflix, they usually drop off pretty quickly. So don’t expect this title to stay in the top 10 for long.

Fourth place after two days – by far the worst result so far –singing 2 jumped back to 3rd place. It’s not surprising that this film continues to do well singing 2 remained the No. 1 film in the US for three weeks. But it didn’t have enough power to get past 12 Strongwho achieved his highest placing in four days with second place.

The only newcomer today was CHiPS, which premiered in fifth place. behind this film mean girlswhich has now been in the charts for ten days, and The man from Torontowhich had its worst performance in the 20 days on Netflix with seventh place.

Rounding out the bottom end of the top 10 Barefoot (which has been in the charts for two days now), Searched (eight days) and The Dark Knight rises (24 days).

July 15: Top 10 shows on Netflix

  1. stranger things
  2. resident Evil
  3. Alone
  4. DB Cooper: Where are you?!
  5. The Umbrella Academy
  6. Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight
  7. All American: homecoming
  8. The Lightning
  9. How to change your mind
  10. Whoa, bitch

The fun continues for stranger things, a show whose fourth season was the most-watched Netflix show in the world for six of the seven weeks it was available. Not only has the show amassed 1.45 billion hours of watch time on a global scale, which ranks second all-time Squid Gamebut stranger things is now the #1 program in the US for 46 out of 54 days of top 10 eligibility.

Overall that means stranger things has been in the top 10 of the charts for 54 days. This total is slowly approaching the joint record of 79 days The Queen’s Gambit and Squid Game. Consider that stranger things still dominant this late, the show’s fourth season is likely to set the new record in 26 days.

There have been several new additions to the top 10 over the last two days, including resident Evil (who took second place today), DB Cooper: Where are you?! (a show enjoying its second day in the top 10), Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight (sixth place today) and All American: homecoming (seventh place).

It looks like that last show has been replaced All Americans, which had spent 44 consecutive days in the top 10. That total falls just short of the program’s performance in 2021, when it stayed on the charts for 46 days. During those 90 days All Americans claimed first place for just three days. Unfortunately, the show kept losing to Juggernaut programs like stranger things, manifest, and Outer Banks.

The other top performing shows were Alonewhich is still going strong in its 11th day with a third place finish, and The Umbrella Academy, which landed at number 5 after 23 days on the charts, its worst position to date. During the latter show’s massive 43-day run in 2020 The Umbrella Academy only fell back to fifth place after 27 days.

Elsewhere, The Lightning saw its worst ranking so far in 2022 after eight days in the charts and Whoa, bitch fell to the bottom of the list on its seventh day. That’s easy How to change your mindwhich has now been in the top 10 for six days.

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