Halloween fans got a taste of what’s to come Spirit Halloween: The Movie via the official teaser. Filled with spooky creatures, the film follows four children who end up in one of the namesake stores after it closes on Halloween and are terrorized by a spirit who can possess objects and people. That Ghost Halloween The film is slated to hit theaters this fall and be available on-demand soon after.

Even though Ghost Halloween is aimed at children, the film also looks like it was tailor-made for adults — especially those who grew up watching genre films in the 1980s and 1990s The monster squad or the adventure film The Goonies. The trailer has a lot of little nods to movies from those eras, from the cast to other little Easter eggs that should make adults feel like this is the kind of movie they would have seen when they were young.

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One of the biggest nods to past genre films is the cast of Christopher Lloyd. The veteran character actor – who recently appeared The Conners — had previously cemented a cinematic legacy with his work as the lovable, eccentric Doc Brown in the Back to the Future Trilogy. However there Ghost Halloween‘s evil land developer returning from the dead, he could conjure up another role that became an instant nightmare for children in 1988: Judge Doom in Who tricked Roger Rabbit?. All in all, Lloyd’s dedication is a key element of the casting that will make adults smile.

Another key cast member is Rachael Leigh Cook, who starred in the teen movie favorites in the late 1990s and early 2000s She is everything and Josie and the Pussycats. Here she seems to play a different role than is usually remembered: the mother of one or more of the film’s main characters. People who grew up with her as Laney Boggs or Josie McCoy will be happy to see her in a more adult role now.

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The trailer for Ghost Halloween is loaded with other visual references to other films. These include films from the 1980s in which the young protagonists used bicycles as their primary mode of transportation, including ET the extraterrestrialwhere the heroes even used them to evade the police. Ghost Halloween‘s trailer also shows a movie theater that appears to be showing the 1985 vampire classic Terrible night. The references don’t end there, however.

Ghost Halloween is also an homage to the 1988 fantasy comedy Big, in which a little boy grew up thanks to an ancient fortune-telling machine. The new film has its own fortune-telling machine in store, which appears to let the heroes know if the spirit of Lloyd’s character is present and ready to terrorize them for the rest of the film. Ghost Halloween even seems reminiscent of Ivan Reitman’s classic ghostbusters by obsessing and levitating the love interests of one of its protagonists, resulting in a similar chilling and comedic effect. Audiences will ultimately decide if this new film is a trick or a treat, but luckily it is Ghost Halloween Film looks like it will bring more to the table than just a commercial for the pop-up stores.

To see all of these references in action, Spirit Halloween opens in theaters this fall and will be available on-demand on October 11th.

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