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Thor: Love and Thunder Fans aren’t happy with stars Natalie Portman and Taika Waititi as they believe they “overdid” the film’s weirdness after calling it “super gay.”

During a Q&A with Waititi, who directed the film, and Korg, Portman, who plays Jane Foster, and Tessa Thompson, who plays Valkyrie, a viewer asked them how gay the film would be (via The Independent).

In response, which was filmed and shared on social media, Waititi pointed to Portman, who told the audience it was “so gay”.

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The statement, which was met with cheers from the crowd, was then repeated by Waititi, who yelled “super gay!” into his microphone. “Enjoy it,” he added.

However, some fans who saw the film felt duped when they thought the film would feature a large LGBTQ+ representation, only to find that there was hardly any.

Valkyrie, played by Thompson, is confirmed to be bisexual in the film, with one scene showing her kissing a woman’s hand, while another sees her openly discussing the loss of her friend who died in battle.

And Korg, voiced and played by Waititi, is also portrayed as gay. The film sees him settle down and have a child with his male partner. Korg also reveals that he has two fathers and that when two male Kronans shake hands, his species procreates.

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And while it’s a nice touch, some believed there would be more based on the actors’ comments.

“Kind of lame that Natalie Portman and Taika Waititi both described Thor: Love and Thunder as ‘so gay’ and ‘super gay’ and then the movie wasn’t gay at all,” one person said wrote on Twitter.

“Before the Thor screening last night, Natalie Portman called it ‘so gay.’ Devastated to report – and you really won’t believe it – that she lied,” said reporter Jack King tweeted.

However, some fans argued love and thunder was still “the gayest Marvel movie ever” compared to other films in the MCU.

A fan tweeted: “Regarding the ‘how gay is the new Thor Super gay thing, I’d say it’s probably the gayest Marvel movie yet, but it’s also a Marvel movie so it’s as gay as they’re allowed to be. Maybe push a bit but not as much as we would like lol.”

Thor: Love and Thunder will be released July 7 in the UK and July 8 in the US. The other three Thor films are now available to stream on Disney+.

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