Thor vs Hercules

The Asgardians are certainly not the only divine pantheon in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Thanks to the introduction of Zeus (Russell Crowe), the Olympians are one of the newest additions. The god of gods was surprisingly accurate in his portrayal, with Zeus taking on a more antagonistic role as the film progressed. Radiating a jealousy of Thor and a desire to change the perception that the gods are nothing but jokes, Thor: Love and ThunderThe post-credits sequence of shows Zeus giving his best fighter the task of bringing down the Odinson.

The arrival of Hercules in the MCU, portrayed by Brett Goldstein, feels very similar to his comic book debut. In the early days, the heroic Greek was set up as Thor’s rival, with the two facing each other in battle countless times. However, over the years, the godly duo learned to work side by side and put their egos aside for a common enemy. Hercules Hunt for Thor surely has to be the top contender for a gate 5 narrative.

But just like in the comics, even if Zeus continues to manipulate events from afar, the Olympian and the Asgarde are unlikely to remain enemies for long. So could a new superhero team be in the early stages of development?

The group of gods

Both Thor and Hercules were members of the God Squad in the comics. It’s a team of united deities brought together to face a threat greater than themselves. Sound familiar? Well, that’s because it’s exactly the kind of team that Thor suggested forming along with Zeus love and thunder on the gang’s journey to Omnipotence City, but the plan backfired and the team’s concept was forgotten; The unit of Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson), Jane Foster (Natalie Portman), Korg (Taika Waititi) and Thor instead led the charge.

However, there would definitely have been some gods from Omnipotence City who would have been sympathetic to Thor’s cause, and with the introduction of Hercules, any sequel could revisit the idea of ​​a God Squad. Other famous members in the comics were Amadeus Cho, the Olympian’s human companion, Sersi of the Eternals (Gemma Chan), Silver Surfer and Galactus.

The themes of recent Thor MCU appearances certainly support the narrative, with the god jumping from team to team (the Avengers, the Revengers, and the Guardians of the Galaxy) hoping to find the perfect fit. It would have to be quite a monumental threat to the team when these big names are finally brought together on screen.

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