This piece contains some BIG SPOILERS for Thor: Love and Thunderso be careful if you haven’t seen the movie yet.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has a long tradition of letting audiences experience a gauntlet of emotions, with incredibly emotional moments that were too much for some fans, as well as incredibly exciting scenes that had fans jumping out of their seats for joy. It’s safe to say that the latest addition to the long-running franchise has nailed the surprise again Thor: Love and Thunderat least for me.

Watching Chris Hemsworth’s fourth solo film as God of Thunder, I couldn’t help but be overwhelmed by so many emotions, including hilarity at some of Taika Waititi’s best written and performed lines, sheer excitement at those eyes- more than once Capture action sequences and utter sadness. Now that time has passed and my feelings have settled a bit, I feel like it’s a good time to go back and dissect five feelings I had while watching the Marvel film.

Chris Hemsworth in Thor: Love and Thunder

(Image credit: Marvel Studios)

Thor: Love and Thunder Feeling #1 – Cheerfulness

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