WARNING: This article discusses MAJOR SPOILERS for Thor: Love and Thunder.

Thor: Love and Thunder is the latest addition to Phase 4 of the MCU, featuring brand new characters as well as established fan favorites, both allies and villains, to enchant audiences.

This film shows some epic changes in the Thor franchises, including introducing the infamous Gorr the God Butcher, Jane Foster as Mighty Thor, and the Greek god Zeus (Russell Crowe). Since not all heroes can make the right decision and not all villains can be endlessly evil, the characters in this film made some great choices.


Valkyrie – Commercialization of New Asgard

Thor Love Thunder Valkyrie Tessa Thompson New Asgard Bored

In this new film, New Asgard is quite the tourist destination on earth. As the film begins, the audience sees people exploring the world of the Asgardians and watching the citizens put on performances that recreate the great events involving Thor, Odin and Loki.

While this all seems pretty cheesy, it’s an excellent way to make New Asgard a tourist destination, allowing their civilization to thrive and create a new culture in a different setting. Valkyrie is one of the best characters in the franchise not only because of her excellent fighting skills, but also because of her ability to rule her people and build a better future for them.

Jane – Repair Mjolnir

Thor Love and Thunder Natalie Portman Mighty Thor

While looking for a way to cure her stage 4 breast cancer, Jane decides to try her luck with magic from Norse mythology. This brings them to the location of the broken Mjolnir in New Asgard. A storm is brewing and the pieces begin to merge, and soon Jane is sane in her divine form, having been deemed worthy of being Mighty Thor.

Even though Jane passed away from her cancer, fans are still excited to see Might Thor in MCU movies and upcoming shows. While the hammer was just a band-aid to her human affliction, Jane’s decision to heal Mjolnir made her a legendary hero in the MCU.

Zeus – Interrogating Thor

Russell Crowe in his role as Zeus in Thor Love and Thunder, wearing godlike golden armor and flanked by robed women

Zeus is the most powerful god in Greek mythology, so it’s logical that he’s a little arrogant. However, he not only refuses to help Thor defeat Gorr the Godslayer, but threatens to hold Thor and his allies captive. Despite being a powerful being, he was overconfident when facing another epic god.

His worst decision was trying to keep Thor captive. However, his best decision is to ask himself why he should agree to the plan. While he was certainly knocked down a few stakes by Thor, his status in his court influenced his decision to hesitate in pursuing Gorr.

Thor – With Zeus’ thunderbolt

Thor looks sad in Thor: Love and Thunder

Despite the fact that Zeus was a disappointment and didn’t take the threat of Gorr seriously, destroying the mighty god might not have been Thor’s best move. However, defeating Zeus also allowed Thor to temporarily take possession of Zeus’ powerful Thunderbolt weapons.

Thor is one of the MVPs of Thor: Love and Thunder, which shows more power than in previous films. Although the thunderbolt is not his own weapon, wielding a thunderbolt seemed particularly fitting for the god of thunder. The combination of the power of the Thunderbolt and the Stormbreaker made it quite a power.

Gorr – Sacrifice himself for his daughter

Sad gor

Gorr the Godslayer had some despicable plans. Despite his difficulties, he chose to judge all gods based on an experience he had with the first god he defeated. He claimed that he tried to destroy all the gods to avenge his daughter and bring peace, although he left a trail of destruction behind.

So one of the biggest surprises was Gorr’s redemption at the end of the film. His plans were quite evil and it seemed inevitable that one of the heroes would have to stop him by force. However, it was the reasoning with him that changed his attitude. Instead of destroying every god, he decides to bring his beloved daughter back so she can have another chance at life.

Jane – Pick up the hammer again

Natalie Portman as Jane Foster on a date in Thor: The Dark World

Jane died of cancer despite appearing perfectly healthy as Mighty Thor. After her failed attempt to stop Gorr, Jane ends up ill in the hospital and undergoing chemotherapy. Thor asks her to stay behind to try to get better so she has a chance at life.

However, Jane makes the difficult decision to ignore Thor’s pleas and show up to help him defeat the villain. While it’s distracting for Thor to see Jane there because she knows she probably won’t survive her battle with cancer now, her role in the fight was a game changer. She made the ultimate sacrifice to save the gods, Thor and the children of Asgard, and gained access to legendary Valhalla.

Valkyrie – Training of the Children of Asgard

Valkyrie with a blade in Thor Love and Thunder

Valkyrie is an amazing leader. Not only is she adept at adapting to Earth’s new atmosphere and allowing her people to thrive, but her warrior skills allow her to aid her people in other ways. Her status as a legendary warrior allows her not only to fight for her people, but also to teach them how to protect themselves.

After the children of New Asgard are kidnapped, one of the ending scenes briefly shows Valkyrie teaching the young people how to fight. Since they are the future of their civilization, training them in how to protect themselves and their people is a strategic decision for them.

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