Gargi review

Here is the Twitter review of Sai Pallavi’s film Gargi

The woman-centric film from Tollywood beauty Sai Pallavi Gargi finally hit theaters today (July 14). The film revolves around Sai Pallavi, who does everything in her power to get justice done for her father. The film has been positively received by audiences so far.

Since Gargi was released this morning, with movie lovers and fans heaping praise on the film on Twitter.

Taking to his Twitter account, one user wrote: “#Gargi Review: POSITIVE: 1. Cast Performance 2. Story & Screenplay 3. Directing 4. BGM 5. Cinematography 6. Climax. NEGATIVES: None. A much needed perfect comeback for #SaiPallavi. Rating: 3.5/5 #GargiReview #GargiMovie.”

Another fan shared his take on the film, saying: “Much needed film of the hour. Actor @Sai_Pallavi92 #Gargi is a captivating watch in Tamil after a very long time that will leave everyone in shock Brutally honest film. AMAZING @SakthiFilmFactory.”

Hailing the actress’ brilliant performance, one netizen said: “#Gargi Reviews: Brilliant Court Room Drama. @Sai_Pallavi92 Shines in another well-written role. @kaaliactor has the best role. #GauthamRamachandran works well. #govindvasantha’s work is effective. Story & Screenplay Rating: 3.5/5 #GargiReview #SaiPallavi.”

Another user shared his opinion on Twitter, saying, “I think the Gargi movie is the best movie released this year. What a fantastic movie. Saipallavi’s best film of his career. #GargiReview #SaiPallavi #Gargi @2D_ENTPVTLTD @Suriya_offl.”

Applause for the performance of the cast of Gargione netizen wrote: “#Gargi Review: The best thing Gautham Ramachandran did was cast Sai Pallavi & Kaali Venkat. You played very well. Additionally, the talented musician Govind Vasantha has provided effective background music that enhances the scenes momentum. #GargiReview.”

Directed by Gautham Ramachandran and produced under his maiden name with Aishwarya Lekshmi and Thomas George, Gargi features Sai Pallavi in ​​the lead role, while Kaali Venkat starred in a central role.

The film’s background and theme music were composed by talented musician Govind Vasantha.

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