Although cinemas around the world are waging a war on suits when it comes to it Minions: The Rise of Gruin the wake of a bizarre internet trend, teenagers have calculated devious ways to get around it.

A group of teenagers have gone viral online after they managed to dress up their suits under tracksuits to join the trend amid the bans.

The trend dubbed “Gentleminions” by fans and fans alike Despicable Me Franchise itself sees groups of teenagers attending the screening in full formal attire and even smoking cigars. It’s a trend that has garnered millions of views from TikTok users as they document their tongue-in-cheek love for the film, which began as a July 1st meme pre-release of the film.

Despite the trend taking hold online, he doesn’t have as much support in person, and various cinemas have a clear ban on wearing formal attire to see the film. Movie theaters claim teens have exhibited disruptive behavior while participating in the trend, sometimes even throwing objects at the screen and upsetting other customers.

gentleminions trend
Left: Stock image of suit and tie (Getty Images). Right: Minions: The Rise of Gru movie poster (Universal Pictures).
Getty Images and Universal Pictures

A cinema reported to be Odeon cinemas in the UK was the first to make its views clear by putting up a sign warning cinemagoers of the rules last week. “Due to the recent riots following the #Gentleminions trend, any group of guests wearing formal attire will be refused entry to screenings Minions: The Rise of Gru. Thanks.”

However, TikTokers have refused to let the ban stop them, and a group of British teenagers showed how hard they tried to participate anyway.

TikTok user @joel.evans13 shared their trip to the cinema in a video that has been viewed more than 8.4 million times and liked over 1 million times. The video can be seen here.

The group documented them approaching the cinema in casual clothing, including sweatpants, noting on the screen, “No suits allowed.”

After purchasing popcorn and drinks and successfully entering the screen and seats, they removed their outer layer of clothing to reveal full suits underneath. The suits were then kept on to leave the cinema.

“The Gentleminons can’t be stopped,” commented a supportive TikTok user.

news week contacted @joel.evans13 for a comment.

This group of teenagers aren’t the only ones unhappy with the theaters’ war-on-suits. news week previously spoke to TikToker Stephen Healy, who garnered over 11 million views for his video and called the ban “absurd”.

There was no disruptive behavior for Healy, and her attempt to follow the trend simply made other customers laugh. “If I remember correctly, there wasn’t a lot of reaction because we were late to the cinema because we were too busy filming, but I do remember a few laughs and looks as we walked down the stairs,” he said .

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