While Bob’s Burgers has featured A-list stars before, it’s still an unexpected surprise to hear what sounds like Paul Rudd in The Bob’s Burgers Movie.

As unexpected as it may seem, blockbuster star Paul Rudd makes a cameo in The Bob’s Burgers MovieReprising a cameo role he played in a Bob’s burger Consequence. Even though Bob’s burger is not as famous for his celebrity cameos as that of The simpsons and Family Guy, Thanks to the series’ grounded, relatable tone, the show has still welcomed its fair share of famous faces in its 12-year season. Jon Hamm, Bill Hader and Katherine Hahn have all lent their voices to the cult hit over the years, while Jenny Slate is a regular supporting character Bob’s burger.


However, in contrast The Simpsons Movie, The Bob’s Burgers Movie is a relatively self-contained, humble adventure. The Bob’s Burgers Movie contains only a few new characters, and the cinema spin-off’s filming locations are almost exclusively limited to the small shipyard setting of the regular film Bob’s burger episodes. Still, viewers are watching The Bob’s Burgers Movie are likely to recognize the voice of a major movie star during a surreal sequence.

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Come in early The Bob’s Burgers Movie, Paul Rudd reprises his role as Tina’s beloved imaginary horse friend Jericho. Previously seen in the Bob’s burger Season 6 Episode 17, “The Horse Rider-er”, Jericho was the imaginary horse whose existence convinced Bob and Linda that they needed to send their daughter to horse camp. The real thing paled in comparison to Rudd’s imaginary friend, leading to him reappearing early in a fantasy sequence The Bob’s Burgers Movie where Tina is horseback riding on the beach with her longtime unrequited love interest Jimmy Jr.

Who does Paul Rudd play in the movie Bob’s Burgers?

Tina talks to her imaginary horse, Jericho.

Although most The Bob’s Burgers Movie avoiding the large-scale blockbuster action of earlier screen-to-cinema transitions, there’s an early sequence that indulges in animation that would be a little too ambitious for a standard Bob’s burger Consequence. Gene imagines himself as a rock star who puts on a huge gig on the wharf, only for alien robots to come on stage and dismiss his efforts. Meanwhile, Tina imagines her and Jimmy Jr. riding along the beach together, where Rudd’s Jericho makes his counter-appearance.

Rudd’s horse challenges Tina’s judgment on her fantasy transition, prompting Jimmy Jr to do the same, eventually causing the sequence itself to fall apart. Although the end of The Bob’s Burgers Movie sees Tina finally make a move on Jimmy Jr., outside of her overactive imagination, Rudd’s guest appearance is limited to his brief speaking role in that scene. It’s still a more than welcome and very unexpected surprise for fans of Bob’s burgerwho could reasonably have thought that Rudd would be too busy with big commitments to reprise his relatively insignificant earlier role for a comical cameo appearance The Bob’s Burgers Movie.

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