By Jerry Whiteley Herald Democrat

A few times in the last year I’ve written about a horror film that was filmed on location during the pandemic. This film was directed by Sherman High School graduate Mark Scheibmeir and his girlfriend. I took the time to watch The Summoned while on vacation last week and I have to say it was really good.

Let me say up front that I’m not a fan of horror movies in general. I like the Scream franchise and the Halloween movies to a certain extent. But I generally don’t watch horror movies.

I generally like my horror movies to include a bit of humor to help me recover from the horrors. I wouldn’t really say The Summoned fits into that category.

But it was exciting and had some nice twists at the end. It kept me guessing the whole time and had some nice views of Lake Texoma.

Just to be clear, Mark Scheibmeir and I never actually met. I interviewed him on the phone a few times and had professional relationships with several members of his family. So my rating is not based on a lifelong friendship. It’s based on the merits of the film and I would rank this film as a film that is absolutely worth the rental price. So if you’re wondering, I’d say go ahead and make it your next Friday night movie pick, you won’t be disappointed.

Aside from finally being able to see this movie, I spent most of my vacation cleaning my house because a friend offered to visit me. During the pandemic and since, very few non-family people have entered my home and the dog and I have become somewhat lax about keeping things straight. So when a friend said she was coming to visit, I looked around and knew I had to keep myself busy.

Well, let me say my girlfriend is the kind of person and we have the kind of friendship where she wouldn’t judge me by how clean my house was or wasn’t. But that just made me want to brush it up some more for her.

So I turned up the music and rummaged through the stuff that had just seemed to accumulate over the past few years. When my friend arrived we both immediately forgot about the house and did what great friends do – we laughed and laughed and shared and laughed until my sides hurt.

We also ate the best Mexican food at La Mesa in Sherman, a place we frequented when she also lived here.

So we hope you are all having some down time too and that you have great friends to share it with.

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