Sony’s film adaptation of the Uncharted franchise was both faithful and unfaithful to the games, but is its story based on a specific game?

That Unexplored movie adapts the video game franchise of the same name to the big screen, taking inspiration from several aspects of the franchise. That Unexplored The video game franchise brought Hollywood action to life in a way few others have matched, but somehow filming the series proved elusive. After many years stuck in development hell, Unexplored eventually found his starring roles in Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg as Nathan Drake and Victor “Sully” Sullivan, respectively.

That Unexplored The film gives the Hollywood treatment to the adventures of Nathan Drake, adapting the massive action set pieces and globe-spanning treasure hunts of video games for the big screen. A number of the games’ characters appear in the Unexplored movie, and there are plenty of video game Easter eggs too, including a cameo by Nolan North, the voice of Nathan Drake in the games. In that sense, the Unexplored The film incorporated a lot from the games into its story.


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But the history of Unexplored Film isn’t actually a direct adaptation of any of the Unexplored video games. Instead, the film acts as a sort of prequel, showing how Tom Holland’s Nathan Drake met Mark Wahlberg’s Sully. Although it contains elements of several stories from the Unexplored Games in his narrative that Unexplored The film is actually an original creation that loosely adapts the franchise as a whole by incorporating various elements inspired by the games.

How close the Uncharted movie is to the games

Although the Unexplored The film makes many changes from the games and contains a lot of material that is clearly inspired by their stories. In fact, there are elements of almost everyone Unexplored Video game included in the adaptation’s storyline, and while that makes its place within the franchise somewhat confusing, it helps the film feel relatively close to the source material. In terms of the actual story, it appears that the Unexplored The film took most inspiration from the fourth game in the franchise, Uncharted 4: A Thief‘send – Most notable is the inclusion of an auction held by the criminal underworld, the appearance of Nathan’s brother Sam, flashbacks from his childhood, and a deranged billionaire who hires a private army to stand against Nathan Drake.

As well as the clear Unexplored Video game references, the film incorporates elements from the previous three Unexplored games too. Chloe Frazer’s role in the film is similar to her role in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, and the layer sequence is lifted directly Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. Additionally, UnexploredThe post-credits scene from directly references characters and events from the first game, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortunemeaning the film made some effort to incorporate elements from each game into its story.

Although the Unexplored While the film may not have been a direct adaptation of a specific video game, efforts were made to honor each title in the franchise. This proved somewhat divisive, but ultimately helped set the film apart from the games, and UnexploredThe shocking ending of presupposes a sequel, possibly picking up other storylines from the source material. This means that during the Unexplored The film isn’t a direct adaptation, it stays true to the video games in a much looser sense.

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