When Netflix announced they were making one Remake of the classic Argentine telenovela rebel way, most people were skeptical that it could recreate the same magic, drama, and intrigue that made the original so unique. But if rebels Premiered last January, the internet couldn’t get enough and the show was promptly renewed for Season 2.

Following the trials and tribulations of the Elite Way School students was extremely entertaining and also left us with so many questions. Will Sebas ever face consequences for his actions? Will Jana and Estebán stay together? We’ll have to wait a bit longer for these questions to be answered, but for anyone still wondering when and how to watch Season 2, you’ve come to the right place.


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Where is Rebelde? Stream season 2 online?

rebels is streaming on Netflix and you can enjoy the first season there now. Unfortunately you can’t watch rebels without a Netflix subscription, but it’s not too late to get one. You can get a Basic, Standard, or Premium subscription for $9.99, $15.49, and $19.99, respectively.

When Will Rebelde Season 2 Premiere?

Season 2 will premiere on July 27, 2022. Each episode of the series will be made available on the same day.

How many episodes of Rebelde season 2 will there be?

Just like in the first season rebels Season 2 will have eight episodes. Unfortunately, no names for the episodes have been announced yet.

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Is there a trailer for Rebelde Season 2?

A new trailer for the series was released on July 13, promising a host of new characters, mysteries, and songs to keep us entertained. The trailer reveals that the school is still grappling with the aftermath of the exposure of The Lodge members. EWS students now have to contend with a much stricter school principal who seems intent on breaking up the bands in order to mold disciplined and popular solo artists. Not only that, but parents and influential figures in Mexico have begun to pay far more attention to how the school works and how students spend their free time.

These aren’t the only forces fighting to separate our favorite students. A new character, Okane (played by popular YouTuber Joel Isaac Figueroa), is revealed to be Luke’s new love interest, and expulsion and possible murder could spell more trouble for these talented classmates.

What happened in season 1 of Rebelde?

A lot has happened at Elite Way School and now is the time to catch up on your semester. Season 1 began at the beginning of the school year when the freshmen were taken from their room in the middle of the night by members of the Lodge, a gang of masked wealthy students who are upset by the presence of scholarship holders. As they force six of the new children, Jana, Estebán, MJ, Dixon, Luka, and Andi, to perform, one of the lodge members accidentally lights a fire, leaving the six students caught in the act and disqualified from auditioning until Luka finds a video , which relieves them. They all make it into the MEP (Musical Excellence Program) and Jana, Esteban, MJ, Andi and Dixon form their own band Sin Nombre. Sebas later admits to Jana that he was behind the harassment, but she won’t be able to prove it. He is revealed to be working with the principal’s assistant, Anita.

Then Esteban reveals his own secret. The only reason he came to EWS was to find his mother, who happened to be Luca’s old music teacher. Luka uses this to blackmail Esteban and arrange for Sin Nombre to be disqualified from school Battle of the Bands. When Esteban leaves school and finds his mother, she reveals that he and Luka are brothers. Esteban tells Luka, who subsequently calls a meeting of the Lodge so Sin Nombre can capture them. Anita is fired and all students including Luka and except Sebas are expelled from school and Sin Nombre is finally able to perform in the Battle of the Bands. The ending is bittersweet as they invite Luka on stage to reveal the truth about The Lodge and Sebas without MJ, who doesn’t want to risk being expelled. Sin Nombre is renamed Rebelde to thunderous applause, but many questions remain unanswered.

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Selena: The series: In the past 20 years, there has only been one person in Latin music who has remained immensely popular across every continent despite not being a native speaker, and that is Selena Quintanilla. Though her life was tragically cut short by a dangerous fan encounter, her music has stood the test of time. Follow her life from the cradle to the grave, Selena: The series shows her humble beginnings in a family band with worldwide acclaim. Featuring smashing songs and a cast that includes the likes Christian Serratus, Ricardo Chaviraand Julio Maciasit is a must for all fans of Latin American music.

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