Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to tear down the theater’s tracks (Thor: Love and Thunder) and streaming (Mrs Miracle). Disney and Marvel’s 14-year series of superhero outings is making as much noise as ever, but one project in particular is quiet; a new avenger Movie. Three years have passed since then Avengers: Endgame and news on a fifth avenger Film is sparse, especially with persistent teasing logos for heavy hitters like Fantastic Four and Dead Pool take all the hype.

Like the first four avenger Movies centered around the Infinity Stones, the next team will likely deal with the newly introduced abstract antagonist, the multiverse. Phases 1-4 moved from the Infinite Gauntlet comics line, and next it might be Secret Wars. This story was set in the multiverse, where heroes competed against each other to save their respective worlds. The focus could be on Kang the Conqueror, who was tentatively introduced in the first season of Loki.


We probably have our attitude and our big bad, but what about our team? Whoever they are, they have a huge shield and armor to fill. The leaders and the heart and soul of the Avengers and the MCU in general hung it Avengers: Endgame when Steve Rogers grew old and Tony Stark sacrificed himself for the universe. The Avengers have remained leaderless but still have plenty of candidates to fill in for Cap and Iron Man. The MCU has exhausted many of the best and most well-known characters, and now they’re working with what they have left. Will that be enough to keep it interesting? We say yes.

There are still some big players on the board and a few underdogs to keep it light and interesting. Here’s who we think should join the Avengers from the existing roster of characters.

Who will lead the Avengers?

With the departure of Rogers and Stark Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is all that remains of the Big Three, leaving him with seniority in the Avengers. love and thunder stressed the Thunder God’s disorientation, so returning to the Avengers to lead the new team could be another notch in his legacy.

Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) helped open the door to the multiverse and knows more about it than most, so it only makes sense that he would help guide the Avengers in the potential battle to come. Strong was the genius who dreamed up the Avengers’ path through it all the infinity saga. This was a battle for space and, to some extent, for science. in the Secret Wars and the multiverse, they will be dealing with multidimensional magic and Celestials, so Strange is an ideal leader for the new team.

The MCU needs a straight-forward, dominant, unstoppable force to flesh out the Avengers. That’s where Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) enters. She earned her stripes Avengers: Endgamewrecked Thanos’ warship with a few shots, then slashed around the Mad Titan himself before he could snag the power stone.

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A cap-sized hole has formed in the MCU since Steve Rogers traded the shield for the quiet life, but he’s handed it over to a worthy successor. Anthony Mackies Captain Americabriefly seen in Falcon and the Winter Soldier, has gone from being a reliable number two side kick to a leader to be reckoned with. The development of Sam Wilson’s character was cool to watch, from humble civil servant to elite Avenger.

Tom Hollands Spiderman is just a 17-year-old boy, but he’s been through a lot in his time in the MCU. He’s gone toe-to-toe with Thanos, got dusted, taken on a good chunk of the Sinister Six, and lost everyone he loves. He is battle-hardened and still spins webs.

Completing the New Avengers Roster

The original Avengers consisted of six members, but that was in the early days of the MCU. Well into phase 4 we have an expansive roster of heroes to choose from to fill the back end of the team.

You have to have it hulk (Mark Ruffalo). He can take on the mantle of big brains in the team that Iron Man left behind. With his move to Professor Hulk, he’s also the muscle of the group. hawk eye (Jeremiah Renner) has proven with his Disney+ series that he’s still a viable and interesting character. Also, it takes the dude with no powers to bring some humanity and a sense of vulnerability to the crew.

He’s earned his way with three seasons on Netflix and a new one on Disney+ daredevil (Charlie Cox) needs to get a place in the Avengers. He could fill in the void in the moral compass left by Rogers’ departure and bring some of that street fighting to the bigger fight.

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The MCU’s quality writing has managed to infuse every film and character with great humor, though none of the characters are inherently comics themselves. Of course that’s where Dead Pool (Ryan Reynolds) would come in. Sure, we don’t even have a solo MCU outing for the Merc with a Mouth, but we all know and love him, and it would be a great watch to see him teasing his fellow Avengers en masse right out of the gate.

A more randomly funny character is added Red Warden (David Haven). He stole his scenes into it Black widow with his carelessness and charm and raw jerk strength would add something to the mix we’ve never seen before. Red Guardian would be something like a hockey team enforcer; he’s only there to crack skulls. His countrywoman Elena Belova (Florence Pugh) will take over the title of Black Widow in the future and is an exceptionally worthy replacement for Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson). That would round off the new Avengers nicely war machine (Don Cheadle) winter soldierr (Sebastian Stan) and ant man (Paul Rudd).

Of course, this list leaves out many heroes, all of whom could contribute to a big one avenger Movie. It doesn’t matter who is added and in what function, the next one avenger The cast will be a fairly stacked team built from the ground up using older and new stones.

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