The upcoming film She Said dramatizes the pinnacle of the #MeToo movement, which includes casting disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein as a character.

The fact-based film drama she said deals with the #MeToo movement, specifically the exposure of Harvey Weinstein as a sex offender. While the hashtag has been around for a long time — it was coined by activist Tarana Burke in 2006 — it wasn’t until the fall of 2017 that the #MeToo movement suddenly took the world by storm. Women everywhere suddenly began to publicly disclose the sexual harassment and assault they were subjected to, with many naming and pointing fingers at their alleged abusers.

For several specific #MeToo targets, the first round of misconduct allegations against them opened the floodgates. This was true of several powerful men in Hollywood, and perhaps the most notorious was Harvey Weinstein, although Kevin Spacey was close. Weinstein, co-founder of The Weinstein Company and Miramax, was a heavyweight producer, someone with the power to make or break careers, which was something he used to bully women. A convicted sex offender, Weinstein is currently serving a long sentence in New York.


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No doubt with the release of she said, many are wondering if Harvey Weinstein will make it into the film and who will play the infamous real-life character. Here’s how she said approaches the character of Weinstein.

Who plays Harvey Weinstein in She Said?

While she said Thankfully, while it’s about the Weinstein case, it’s not primarily focused on the disgraced Hollywood mogul. Instead of this, she said Based on a non-fiction book of the same name published in 2019, it centers on a New York Times reporter duo, Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey, who are played in the film by Emmy-nominated Zoe Kazan and Oscar-nominated Carey Mulligan, respectively. she said hits theaters on November 18, but its official trailer was recently dropped. The trailer only features Harvey Weinstein’s voice, but that voice is provided by actor Mike Houston. As anyone who has heard Weinstein speak can attest, Houston seems to have a good sense of reproducing Weinstein’s particular way of speaking.

How you know Mike Houston

Mike Houston on Orange is the New Black

Many probably won’t readily recognize the name Mike Houston because although he works a lot, Houston is a character actor and tends to be a bit of a journeyman. Perhaps appropriate to Weinstein’s current circumstances, Houston is best known for his multi-season role as prison warden Lee Dixon on Netflix Orange is the new black. He also played a recurring role on Amazon Prime Sneaky Peteas well as HBO’s Boardwalk Empire. Most recently, Houston has appeared in several episodes of the long-running NBC show The Black List, which nine seasons later has yet to reveal the true identity of Raymond “Red” Reddington. Some of his other credits include jessica jones, Elementary, Blue blood and law & order.

While in the only Houston’s voice can be heard she said Trailer, the fact that Houston is a pretty good physical match with Harvey Weinstein, suggests the show business king’s former manger will eventually be portrayed on screen as well. Weinstein shouldn’t be the center of attention she said, but if Houston plays him well, maybe he’ll make a bigger name for himself. Houston has been working in films and television for two decades, and he’s bound to get some more attention.

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