Ryan Gosling reveals why he’s so excited to reunite with director Derek Cianfrance in Blumhouse’s upcoming The Wolfman movie reboot.

Ryan Gosling reveals why he’s so excited to star The wolf man. Perhaps humiliatingly, the Dark Universe fell by the wayside afterward The Mummy flopped at the box office. But despite this embarrassment, Universal is still keen to exploit their stable of classic 1930s monster movie characters.

Enter Blumhouse Pictures, the company responsible for successful horror franchises Paranormal Activity, The purge, insidious and Halloween. By teaming up with Blumhouse and adopting their low-budget approach, Universal managed to carve out their own big non-Dark Universe hit of the 2020s invisible manstarring Elisabeth Moss in a reinvention of the great 1933 Claude Rains horror title. To pull off a similar trick with another classic monster, Universal is now teaming up with Blumhouse once again The wolf man, starring Gosling and directed by Derek Cianfrance. Made the studio first The wolf man with Lon Chaney Jr. in 1941 and did it again with Benicio Del Toro in 2010.


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New wolf man Of course, collaborators Gosling and Cianfrance have worked together on the films before Blue Valentine and The place Beyond the Pines. So it makes sense that Gosling would be comfortable being directed by Cianfrance on her new Universal/Blumhouse horror project. But the actor does indeed sound more than happy working with his Blue Valentine Helmer again. In fact, he admitted it colliders that he is happy about their new cooperation The wolf man, and explained exactly where this excitement comes from. He said:

I would do just about anything with Derek, but the idea of ​​doing something like this seems really exciting. It’s new to both of us, but in a way I feel like it’s kind of a film that we’ve done a few times before, but in a more literal way. We’ve always done the metaphorical version of it, and it’s kind of an opportunity to really, just do the literal version of what we’ve been picking on.

Ryan Gosling in The Wolfman.

Gosling’s stake in Universal and Blumhouses The wolf man was actually first announced in 2020. It was reported later invisible man Helmer Leigh Whannell would direct the film. But in 2021, news emerged that Whannell had been replaced by Cianfrance, who would also take on script duties. Details of the plot of the film are of course still under wraps.

Gosling and Cianfrance’s previous collaboration, Blue Valentine and The place Beyond the Pines, both obviously revolved around complicated and even anti-heroic male characters. Following Gosling’s new comments, he and Cianfrance appear to view their take on the Wolfman as a similar sort of antihero, and see exploring his story as another way to approach the issue of male identity. Of course, classic film Wolfman suffers through a literal identity crisis as he transforms from human to animal and back again. Gosling is clearly anxious to offer his own version of the Wolfman and to take that more literal perspective on the sort of internal conflicts that he and Cianfrance tackled in a less fantastical context in their previous two films. Audiences, too, are curious to see what Gosling does with one of horror history’s classic dualistic characters. The wolf man has no release date yet.

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Source: Colliders

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