Thanks shows like Bridgeton and The Gilded Age, we find ourselves in a world of historical romance and drama taken from the past. Netflix conviction follows suit. Based on the novel by Jane Austen of the same name from 1818, the new customization features Dakota Johnson as leading actress Anne Elliot. The plot follows Anne, the middle daughter of the Elliot family, who is reunited with her ex-fiancé, Captain Wentworth, played by Cosmo Jarvis. Once separated from her family, fate brings them face to face again and tests Anne’s feelings. She sees this as an opportunity to rekindle lost love and perhaps right the mistakes she and her family have made.

conviction is led by Carrie Crackell, as her directorial debut. In addition to Johnson in the lead role, the love drama also stars Nikki Amuka bird, Richard E Grant, Henry Goldlingand Mia McKenna-Bruce, in leading roles, among many others. If you love historical love stories, then conviction should be next on your watch list. And even if it doesn’t, you can always watch it because of the art and costume design. Check out our handy guide below to learn when, where and how to watch conviction.


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Will Persuasion stream online?

conviction is a Netflix Original Movie and will be available to stream exclusively on the Streaming Network beginning Friday, July 15, 2022. Netflix is ​​available to download on all Android and iOS devices and Smart TVs.

Can you watch Persuasion without Netflix?

Since conviction is a Netflix Original, you can only watch the film on that particular streaming service. So, no, the film is not available anywhere else.

You can subscribe to Netflix for unlimited access to the original content, as well as other popular shows, movies, sports, and interactive content. Netflix’s subscription plans are available for $9.99, $15.49, and $19.99, depending on the number of screens you want to watch simultaneously and whether or not you want HD content.

The official trailer of conviction shows this is going to be an Austen adaptation like you’ve never seen before, particularly in terms of storytelling style. It’s fun, light and quite lively, unlike most classic novel adaptations that we are used to seeing. Of course, there’s plenty of romance, drama, and complex family dynamics, with a little more emphasis on humor.

However, the highlight of the trailer is not the ingenious costumes or the characters, but the story. At various points we see Johnson’s Anne breaking the fourth wall and addressing the audience directly. This will give you a lot of Fleabag vibes, except our heroine is from the Victorian era. This seems quite unique for such period films, and it adds to the appeal of both the story and its characters.

The clip also features glimpses of the other main characters played by the cast. Richard E. Grant’s flamboyant Sir Walter Elliot, Cosmo Jarvis’ Captain Wentworth, and Henry Golding’s Mr. Elliot are the three main male characters to definitely look forward to.

The female characters, on the other hand, also seem quite interesting and very different from Austen’s women. While similar in many ways to Austen’s classic heroine, Johnson’s Anne Elliot feels more modern and bucks tradition. The topicality of the storytelling is evident in the characters’ costumes, which are essentially a slightly modern adaptation of traditional Victorian fashions.

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What is belief about?

conviction is the last novel written by Jane Austen before her death in 1817. The original story that inspired the 2022 Netflix film is a tale of love lost and found, of heartbreak and breakup. The story is told from Anne’s point of view. Once wealthy, the Elliots are now in no dire straits, as shown in the trailer. Anne talks about her family, the false pride her father still holds onto, the man she once loved and lost, and how other people’s opinions have always influenced her decisions. And yet she wants to retain her individuality. Anne regrets it and that’s why she feels the pain again when life gives her another chance to reconnect with Captain Wentworth.

Surrounded by her entitled and selfish relatives, she is once again on her own when confronted with the return of dashing self-made captain Frederick Wentworth (Cosmo Jarvis), to whom she broke her engagement nearly a decade earlier, at the behest of those around her around who thought it was a demeaning game. In a way conviction is also an exploration of the lives of the once wealthy but still entitled people of the Regency era. On the other hand, the story also examines the societal expectations placed on women and the restrictions placed on their wants and desires. The new adaptation tries to tell the same story, but with one unique storytelling style this gives the plot an almost modern touch.

Other Persuasion adaptations you can check out now

The 2022 Netflix Original Production is Jane Austen’s third adaptation conviction. The romance novel has previously been adapted for the big screen twice. Although the plots of each of these films (including the 2022 film) are obviously the same, the difference can be felt in their respective narratives, not to mention the performances of the respective cast members.

Conviction (1995)

This ’90s adaptation directed by RogerMichelStars Amanda root as Anne Elliot and Ciaran Hinds as Capt. Frederick Wentworth. The cast of the ensemble also includes Susan Fleetwood, Corin Redgrave, Fiona Shaw, John Woodvine, Phoebe Nicholls, Samuel West, Sophie Thompson, Judy Cornwall, Roger Hammondand Simon Russell Beale, among many others. The film won five out of six nominations at the 1996 British Academy Television Awards and received critical acclaim across the UK, including widespread acclaim and accolades in Hollywood.

Conviction (2007)

Directed by Adrain ShergoldThis adaptation of the classic was made into a TV movie in 2007. This relatively modern version features Sally Hawkins as Anne Elliot and Rupert Penry Jones as Captain Frederick Wentworth, the main protagonists of the story. The cast also includes Anton head, Julia Davis, Nicholas Farrell, Amanda Hale, Sam Haseldine, Peter Wietand Marion Baileyamong many others.

Like its predecessor, this adaptation of conviction has also received a lot of recognition and awards, with an 80% approval rating for Rotten Tomatoes. Although the film didn’t win as many awards as the 1995 version, Sally Hawkins won Best Actress at the Royal Television Society Awards for her portrayal of Anne Elliot. She also won the award for Best Performance by an Actress in a TV Movie at the Monte-Carlo Television Festival.

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