I know this sounds like there’s a big catch, but on Saturday night my fiance and I went to see a movie at Celebration Cinemas Studio Park, and we got tickets, parking, popcorn, candy, and a drink for less than 5 dollars.

Yes, we saw a brand new movie and ate ourselves silly for less than a Lincoln.

Laura Hardy/TSM

Laura Hardy/TSM

You probably think I smuggled something in or maybe won tickets on the radio (I didn’t), but we’ve taken creative advantage of some of their programs that can make your summer a lot more affordable while still allowing you to see every movie that drops.

Photo credit: Canva

Photo credit: Canva

So, here’s how we did it and how you too can use our hack to get some entertainment this summer without going broke

1. Get the Celebration VIP subscription

We are so happy that West Michigan’s largest cinema chain is offering this deal because if you are a movie lover you are absolutely insane to miss the deal. For $19.95 a month you can see three movies a week (including IMAX and the Getty Drive-In in Muskegon).

📷 Google Street View

📷 Google Street View

So if you treat this like another Netflix-style subscription, you’re getting a ton of value, especially during the blockbuster summer season when something new comes out every week. If you want more information (or sign up) you can visit their website or ask for details at any place.

*If you don’t want to get the membership or don’t go to the movies often, they have something called TACO Tuesdays (Tickets Are Cheap On Tuesdays) and you can see any money that day for just $4 per ticket.

2. Buy the seasonal popcorn bucket

They may scoff at the price when they tell you a bucket of popcorn is $40, but once you realize the value, you’ll throw money at them.

This magical plastic tub gives you free refills all season long. So if you watch one movie per week now through expiration (October 31, 2022), you’ll only pay $2.35 per bucket for popcorn, which is significantly less than even the smallest size. The tub itself is equivalent to a large popcorn. So the more movies you watch (or watch again), the more value the bucket has.

3. Use the coupons that come with your seasonal bucket

Yes, not only do you get a great refillable bucket, but you throw in some coupons to say “thank you!” On this particular night we combined the drink and candy coupons to make our treats half price and used the free butter upgrade included with our membership to get the most out of our popcorn.


So yes, you’ll need to make a few extra investments to bring your individual date night price down, but the more you love movies and watch them all (even if you have to step out of a few like we did), the more cash you’ll have Save on a great rendezvous at one of the celebration locations.

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